Capital Genetics Group (CGG) is a private genetic health service based at Riddiford Medical Centre in Wellington, New Zealand. CGG offers genetic counselling services and genetic testing for individuals and families who:

  • Wish to be seen with priority.
  • May not meet criteria for an appointment with the public service, but still have concerns about their family history.
  • May be curious about their genetic risk and the expanding number of informative genetic tests that are clinically available to help clarify their risk.

We provide information, education, genetic testing and supportive counselling on a range of genetic issues including:

  • Familial cancer risk assessment and genetic testing
  • Pre-conception testing and advice
  • Family medical history and implications
  • Options for having a family when you have genetic risks
  • Adjusting to the diagnosis of a genetic condition can be challenging. We can provide additional counselling and/ or information and advice regarding:
  • A diagnosis of a genetic condition
  • Risks for a current pregnancy and options for future pregnancies

What is genetic counselling?

Genetic counselling is a process that aims to explain inheritance, individual risk, genetic testing technology and results in plain English. Decision making is supported by exploring the individualised benefits and pitfalls of gaining this information. Results are discussed in detail and follow up support and referrals are arranged if indicated.